The BrainFit Plan

“It has changed my view on what longer life learning is. Knowing that it doesn’t mean I have to go and sit in a classroom, that I can keep it going in my own home, is fantastic.”
(Tenant, Clanmil Housing Association, Belfast)

What is The BrainFit Plan

The BrainFit Plan enables you to develop your own Action Plan to keep your brain healthy throughout your retirement at any age. It involves 4 steps which will ‘coach’ you to take immediate and long-term action to ensure the fitness of your brain. All 4 steps can be completed during one session or you can pause and return to complete it later.

Step 1 Your Online Learning Assessment
You will complete 15 questions which provide information on how you learn, i.e. the Grain of your Brain.

Step 2 Your Self-Selection Menu
Based on your Learning Assessment you will select activities you would be interested in to keep your brain fit. The ‘menu’ includes up to 13 categories of learning activities. This step is like filling a shopping trolley in a supermarket with the activities you have a personal preference for.

Step 3 Your BrainFit Recommendations
You will prioritise the learning activities you would be motivated to begin immediately. This is the basis of your Action Plan.

Step 4 The BrainFit learning Zone
This is an online resource that links you to pathways to put your Action Plan into practice. It will provide you with information and extensive internet links that will allow you to keep exploring ways of stimulating your brain that are appropriate to you.

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