Introducing BrainFit Connect -
for those in Care who deserve the best!

“Everyone can benefit from ICTs at some level. It all depends on how you do it.” (Social Care Institute for Excellence)

What is BrainFit Connect

BrainFit Connect will provide your residents, (even those with mild to moderate dementia), with

  • an extensive range of mentally stimulating activities
  • connections with the wider world through easy to use touch screen technology.

BrainFit Connect has been designed to improve the quality of life of older people in a Residential or Care Home setting. It will enable your residents to keep their brains active and stimulated through the enjoyment of using digital touch-screen technology even if they are experiencing mild or moderate dementia. Their levels of personal interaction and mental wellbeing will improve through harnessing the today’s technology to deliver stimulating, meaningful and enjoyable activities.

Using standard ICT (Information and Communication Technology), BrainFit Connect will allow your residents to enjoy a wide range of individual and group activities. Your Activity Coordinator will be trained on how to use ICT to deliver a range of stimulating and enjoyable programmes tailored to each individual. These include:

  • Being Creative by painting or playing the digital keyboard
  • Being Connected with Skype and email
  • Being Stimulated with games and activities
  • Remembering when with clips from the BrainFit playlist
  • Being Entertained with music and video.
  • Keeping Active with Move it or Lose it.


BrainFit Connect is not about training older people to use computers. It is about using technology in an appropriate way to enrich the lives of a generation who, by and large, have been passed by the technology revolution.

The pre-loaded touch screen PC can be mounted on a trolley with an adjustable arm to make the benefits accessible to all residents, even in their own rooms or if they are confined to bed

What are the benefits?
Staying connected - today, playing an active role in society depends more and more on using ICT. Whether it is accessing online news, emailing an MP or councillor, or simply speaking to friends and family and friends who are abroad, older people have the same right to benefits of digital access as everyone else.

Keeping intellectually and physically active – BrainFit Connect opens up avenues for intellectual stimulation for everyone, regardless of their age, interests and capabilities. The internet puts a world of knowledge, information and entertainment at our fingertips. Interactive computer games can improve hand-eye coordination and overall mobility for individuals or groups - sensory games can engage people whose condition means that other forms of communication are not possible and on line video and audio content can be found to meet the needs of almost any pastime, hobby or interest.

Improved skills for staff – many care staff are familiar and comfortable in using ICT, but this experience is often left at the door of a home or care facility. Training and encouraging staff to use ICT with those in their care as part of their daily routine, will not only improve their own ICT knowledge and skills, but means the working day can be made more varied – enhancing and enriching the day for staff and residents alike.

Dementia - ‘How can ICT help me support someone with dementia?’
At first glance, ICT and dementia is not an obvious match, but through BrainFit Connect ICT has been adapted to enhance the lives of people in Care with mild or moderate dementia. It provides mental stimulation appropriate to the individual ability of each resident and places a wide range of activities at the disposal of Activity Coordinators.

Seeing is believing!
We will be glad to demonstrate BrainFit Connect to you, your Activity Coordinator and Care Staff in your own setting and discuss how it can enhance the lives of your residents.

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