Schools and Training Organisations, NEETs providers, Prisons

The 3A workshops have helped hundreds of young people and children to overcome barriers to learning and given them the keys to raise their Aspiration to Achieve in education and thus open doors to Access employment or further education and training opportunities.

FPL for Schools and Training Organisations, NEETs providers, Prisons explained

The workshops bring the cutting-edge insights in the book, Whole Brain Learning and Teaching, to the lives and learning of all age groups of leaners in formal and informal education. They enable learners to overcome barriers to learning and complete the Learning Cycle described in Whole Brain Learning and Teaching – sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Themes covered in the workshops include:

  • Discover how you are smart and what careers would suit you.
  • How is your brain wired to receive information – your unique learning ‘fingerprint’
  • What motivates you to learn – and what turns you off learning?
  • What parts of your brain are key to success in learning.
  • Why fear can prevent learning taking place.
  • Are you a right or left brain learner and why it matters?
  • Dealing with ‘disastrous sentences’ that prevent successful learning

OCN accreditation for Level 1 and 2 is available with these workshops.

We can also help your school or training organisation plan a whole school programme for learning at Primary and Post-primary level.

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