Individual Learning and Career Inventory

Bring our book Whole Brain Learning and Teaching into your own life and the life of your children through our Learning and Career Inventory, which identifies the unique ways in which an individual adult or child learns best.

FPL for Individual Learning and Career Inventory explained

It can be used with children from 8 years old and upwards to show parents the special learning preferences of a child.

It can be used with adults to identify their individual learning ’fingerprint’ and improve study skills as well as indicate potential career options.

The Inventory includes:
1. An Assessment Questionnaire to determine your learning preferences. Children complete this with their parents present. The assessment covers the following 6 categories of learning:

  • Sensory preferences (VATK).
  • Eight Smartnesses (Multiple Intelligences).
  • Memory.
  • Right and left hemisphere dominance.
  • Working styles.
  • Working environments and motivation

2. A Learning Profile that describes the individual’s learning preferences i.e. the grain of their brain or learning ‘fingerprint’.

3. Recommendations for how to act on the learning preferences i.e. how to learn with the grain of the brain. These include an appropriate toolkit of resources that will enable you or your child to apply the recommendations to the best advantage in the long term.

The Fingerprint Learning Inventory has been shown to

  • improve aspiration and achievement in education.
  • identify and overcome barriers to successful learning.
  • help in constructing a personal development and career plan.

When the Inventory is used in conjunction with Whole Brain Learning and Teaching it can revolutionise your appreciation of your own abilities to learn as well as those of your children.

We will be glad to discuss with you how to arrange a Learning Inventory for yourself or your child. Contact us.


Here is a sample of the feedback we have received

testimonial pic
“Our daughter has changed so much. She has grown in confidence and self esteem and in her enthusiasm for education.”
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“Knowing my learning style has helped me because I have been able to tell my teacher which way I find it easiest to learn. I have learned techniques that show me the best way to record and learn my work.”
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“Understanding that my son’s learning style was different to my own helped me avoid conflict and tension between us during his studies.”
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“When I had my own learning style profiled, I discovered that many of the areas I found difficult to cope with as a pupil in my own schooldays were so because of my natural learning style. For example, to learn efficiently I need to understand the bigger picture, but rarely did my teachers place a lesson in any larger environment than the thirty minute session on the timetable.”

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