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Fulfil your aspirations to do the very best for your children by discovering how to help them become successful and confident learners.

FPL for parents explained

Fingerprint Learning will show you how to be practically involved with your children’s education at home – as well as how to collaborate effectively with their teachers in school.

We equip you with key insights and strategies you can use to empower children to be successful learners, while boosting their self-esteem and confidence– and yours as a parent– at the same time.

Our Fingerprint Learning Parents Workshops bring the insights of our book, Whole Brain Learning and Teaching, into your home and family. These practical workshops will help you to increase your children’s confidence and self-esteem as well as their achievement in school – and they are great fun as well!

Every child has a brilliant brain which is wired for learning but not all brains are wired in the same way. Failure to understand the differences in how children’s brains are wired can cause underachievement and loss of self-confidence, as well as stress and conflict in school or at home.

The workshops will help you understand how your children’s brains are wired for learning and how your own brain is wired to learn – and where they differ!

You will learn how to

  • recognise the individual ways in which your children learn best.
  • find approaches to learning that will help them succeed in school.
  • identify barriers to successful learning.
  • improve their school experience by knowing how to help them at home
  • discuss your children’s learning with their teachers.

The workshops explain

  • how the brain of a child or young person learns.
  • why individual children have different ways of learning.
  • how your child is smart and how to develop his or her smartnesses.
  • why a child may not be succeeding in school and what you can do about it.

The workshops also provide you with a practical toolkit of ideas and techniques you can use to help your children at home.

They are a great way to find out how parents can put the insights of our book on Whole Brain Learning and Teaching into practice in their own families Groups for parents whose children have Dyslexia or are on the Autistic spectrum have particularly appreciated the parents’ workshop

Schools and parents’ groups can contact us to arrange workshops in evenings or during school hours.

Contact us to discuss what kind of programme will suit the needs and expectations of your school or parents’ group.

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