What makes an entrepreneur

20 years ago most people did not know what an entrepreneur was. Today almost everyone knows the name of more than one because of their profile in the media.

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Entrepreneurs are special men and women who think and act differently to most of us and are able to take an idea and turn it into a profitable business or social enterprise. In many cases they did not succeed in the academic environment of school but became successful in the realm of enterprise.

But how can we tell if someone has the flair to become an entrepreneur? Can we identify the spark?

Two researchers in Belfast set out to do this in The EntreBRAINeur Research Study in 2010. They discovered that there are clearly identifiable features which are innate in entrepreneurs. In other words entrepreneurs are born and not made. These features can be encouraged and nurtured or discouraged and impeded.

The research showed that entrepreneurs learn in ways that are diametrically opposite to most formal education, which is why they often did not thrive in school. The research demonstrated that this was because the majority of entrepreneurs in the study were right hemisphere dominant thinkers and they processed information in random rather than sequential ways. They learnt by experience and engagement and not in abstract situation like classroom or lecture theatre. In a word they are non-conforming.

Formal education values and encourages conformity and abstract learning. It is also strongly right hemisphere dominant in its bias.

If you can identify these features in yourself or someone else you may be uncovering an entrepreneurial spark that could be developed under the right conditions into full blown entrepreneur.

You can download the Summary reports of the two EntreBRAINeur Research Studies here.

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