The Whole Brain Management Programme

Through our Whole Brain approach to business management we can help your management team understand their roles in ways that facilitate cooperation and minimise competition and conflict to produce better results and outcomes for your business.

FPL The Whole Brain Management Programme explained

Our Whole Brain approach considers your management team is the ‘brain’ behind the success of your business. Discover how a whole brain approach to your management and staff can optimise the potential of your business. Find out if the management ‘brain’ is functioning as it should for the good of the business. Ensure a creative and cooperative chemistry in your team and optimise the role of each team member.

By taking the brain as our model we can help your team think through how to manage better by considering different functions of the brain and applying them to the processes of management as team. These 7 functions are:

1. Thinking
2. Seeing
3. Hearing
4. Inputs
5. Outputs
6. Threats
7. Balance

From a menu of Whole Brain Management Workshops you can select what is the best ‘fit’ for your business team and the welfare of your business. We can deliver half-day or whole day workshops tailored to your business. The menu includes:

  • Organisational Culture and Innovation
  • Trust and Communication and Whole Brain Thinking
  • Cooperation, Competition and Conflict: A Whole Brain Approach
    • How to promote cooperation and avoid competition and conflict
    • Moving from conflict and competition to cooperation.
    • How the brain connects and communicates information.
    • Competition and Conflict due to fear and threat in the brain: The amygdala and brain stem.
    • Creativity and cooperation: The pre-frontal cortex.
    • Seeing with 2 eyes: Right and left hemisphere dominance.
    • Cooperation or conflict: Four working styles

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