The Dream Team

Fingerprint Learning cannot build a ‘dream team’ for you, but we can introduce you to what you need to know to build your dream team for yourself! Reading our book on Whole Brain Learning will shed new light on how team members complement one another and collaborate for the overall good of the enterprise, despite thinking very differently.

FPL The Dream Team explained

Terence Brannigan, Chairman of Tourism Northern Ireland and former CEO of Resource, describes how the dream team is made up of people with complementary skills. These include a balance of right hemisphere entrepreneurial abilities and left hemisphere sequential abilities. A successful business requires the right balance between entrepreneurial flair and systematic organising skills. These correspond to the different ways in which the brains of the management team are wired for enterprise.

Our Whole Brain Management seminars and personalised Entrepreneurial Learning Inventory can help you create that dream team by identifying left and right hemisphere characteristics in yourself and in those around you. The Entrepreneurial Learning Inventory is based on 2 research studies into entrepreneurship from 2010 to 2014. This ground-breaking research into how entrepreneurs think and learn was undertaken by two Belfast educationalists.

The results of The EntreBRAINeur Study demonstrated two crucial aspects of dream business management team:
1. Entrepreneurial flair – predominantly associated with right hemisphere dominance and non-conformity
2. Systematic, conforming, reflective abilities – associated with left hemisphere dominance.
Fingerprint Learning describes this balance in a ‘dream team’ as Whole Brain business management.

But the research showed something more! It is not enough to have right and left brain dominant people in a team.

  • It was essential that the left dominant people did not see their role as inhibiting or constraining the right dominant strengths of the entrepreneur
  • It was just as vital for the entrepreneurs to value the contribution of the left dominant partner or team member – with whom he or she might find tension.

The entrepreneur needed value the left hemisphere insights they brought to the enterprise and not misinterpret this as opposition or challenge.

The right hemisphere actually sees the world differently to the left hemisphere. For instance the right hemisphere sees possibilities in situations that others do not perceive. The left hemisphere looks for proven and trusted answers and can be threatened in situations where the right is inspired and challenged. Establishing a high level of trust between partners in business who have contrasting hemisphere dominance is the key to collaboration instead of competition and conflict.

So the dream management team needs to include people with the left dominant organisational sequential management skills. But it also needs to value the right dominant, non-conforming, entrepreneurial skills. Most new enterprises are established by risk taking, intuitive entrepreneurs, but as the business develops and secure management is valued, less and less space may be made for the emergence of intra-preneurs within the business.

The correct balance of right and left dominance of members of your team and the allocation of roles to the correct brain dominance is essential to a sustainable and growing enterprise. As Terence Brannigan says, ‘This kind of team ‘will deliver much more powerful results, much more quickly.’

Our Whole Brain Management Seminars and Workshops and our Entrepreneurial Learning Inventory can help you identify the right/left balance on your present management team and what you can do to re-balance roles to build that dream team.

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