The EntreBRAINeur Learning Inventory (ELI)

Do you have the entrepreneurial spark?
Do you want to know how entrepreneurial your staff or students are?
Are you recruiting for entrepreneurial talent or organisational skills?
What should your role – or their role – be in a business or social enterprise?

FPL ELI explained

The Fingerprint Learning ELI will answer these questions for you.

Based on two research studies on entrepreneurial learning, (The EntreBRAineur Studies Phase 1 and 2), Fingerprint Learning have developed an Inventory that identifies the degree to which an individual’s brain is wired for entrepreneurship or for a more supportive management role in an enterprise.

At the core of the ELI are 9 Enterprise Success Factors which entrepreneurs identified as most significant in their success. By discovering the degree to which you possess these success factors you can estimate how entrepreneurial you will probably be.

The ELI can be completed online for analysis by Fingerprint Learning staff. It includes 36 questions that identify whether someone one shares the same learning style as an entrepreneur or would be better suited to a role in management or administration in a business or social enterprise.

So what does an ELI do?

  • 1. Identifies the strength of an entrepreneurial learning style in an individual.
  • 2. Indicates the contribution he or she can make to developing a successful and sustainable enterprise.
  • 3. Provides information for nurturing entrepreneurial ability through mentoring.

The ELI Report
There are 3 versions of the report involving increasing levels of analysis.

  • A. The Traffic Light (Bronze) version: a simple visual indicator of entrepreneurial flair.
  • B. The Brain Dominance (Silver) version: with detailed feedback on an individual’s right and left brain dominance
  • C. The Mentoring (Gold) version: for use in mentoring and nurturing entrepreneurial ability in a business or enterprise programme.

Find out how you can complete the Inventory yourself or use it with staff or students by contacting us.

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