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The Divided Brain

Posted: 13th October 2017 The Divided Brain

Fingerprint Learning has been engaged since 2010 in researching and applying the role of right and left hemisphere dominance in teaching and learning as well as in business and social enterprise.

We have discovered over and over again the relevance of this approach to education at all levels in schools and colleges and university. We have used it in teacher training and also in workshops for young people in training organisations.

In particular we have seen its application to entrepreneurship, where the majority of entrepreneurs are right hemisphere dominant, yet our education system is strongly left dominant in teaching and assessment. It is just not matched to delivering entrepreneurs and an enterprise culture - just the opposite. It produces a 'take a job' mentality rather than a 'make a job' mentality in young people.

If you are interested in an informative, brief introduction to the hemisphere differences – and an insight into yourself - this short video is perfect for you.

Watch the video here.

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