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Pandora's Box and Gender Fluidity

Posted: 8th September 2017 Pandora's Box and Gender Fluidity

Pandora's 'Box' was a large jar given to Pandora containing all the evils of the world. When she opened the jar the evils flew out. The only thing left inside when she had closed it again was 'Hope'.

The phrase, to "open Pandora's box", came to mean an apparently small or insignificant action that turns out to have widespread bad and damaging consequences.

The increasing confusion over gender under the guise of promoting 'equality' and 'rights' is an example of the 'evils' which will have widespread and damaging consequences for generations of children and young people if common sense does not prevail soon. The fudging of natural male and female sexual identities in homosexual 'marriage' and the aggressive LGBT agenda has opened a Pandora's box that, in the name of progressiveness, is going to exclude hope for future generations of young people.

In this blog I am not referring to the evil of Pandora's Box in terms of morality - although it appears that long-established and well-reasoned moral arguments appear to have no weight when balanced against so-called 'rights' and 'equality'. The 'evils' I want to highlight have to do with the massive implications for education and learning for the growing generation.

The absurdity of non-gender schooling and parenting ignores the crucial issue of the development of the pre-frontal cortex in children and young people. This is the area of the brain where an individual becomes 'wired' for what is appropriate or inappropriate behaviour and thinking.

In the past, generations of children and young people's brains were 'wired' according to standard 'norms' in society, which gave the developing brain some stability and protection from confusion. Deviations from the 'norm' are always inevitable and handling these compassionately and wisely is a challenge for every generation. However, to handle these by making the deviations the norm is neither compassionate nor wise, as the current obsession with gender proves.

Now the 'norms' have been changed so that, not only are there no norms but the norm is to be 'anti' what was accepted a normal for most of Western civilisation.

For the frontal cortex this means that there is an absence of fundamental ideas about what is or is not appropriate according to male or female identity. What is worse, giving children the idea that gender is 'fluid' or can be 'chosen' is absolutely nonsensical in terms of brain development.

This is a serious educational issue because education and schooling cannot be divorced from the development of the frontal cortex. Indeed, education involves assisting the wiring of children's brains according to certain norms for behaviour.

Now that Pandora's box has been opened our schools will become places of confusion, uncertainty and a form of mental child abuse to the brain that would never be acceptable in physical forms. And, as in the case of Pandora's Box, hope for the rising generation will be locked away until this absurdity is seen for what it is - the ultimate in irrationalism!

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