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Looking for inspiration and support for a new school year?

Posted: 5th September 2016 Looking for inspiration and supporting for a new school year

Each new school year introduces opportunities and challenges for pupils, parents and teachers. One of the keys to boosting self-esteem in children and maintaining it throughout the year is enabling them to ask ‘How am I smart?’ instead of ‘How smart am I?’

In our experience children answer the second question on the basis of results in tests and exams. Indeed, they are very quick to identify success in specific subject such as Maths, English and Science as determining how smart someone is.

They see a hierarchy of subjects in which sport, drama, dance, art and craft are at the lower end of the pile. Ability in these subjects is considered to be less ‘intelligent’ than subjects higher up the ladder.

The approach to intelligence that places 8 Smartnesses on a level and helps children identify How they are smart rather than How smart they are, has the power to build self-worth in every child. It also has the power to sow in a child aspiration towards a potential career path based on his or her smartnesses. When you visit Lowwood Primary School in Belfast the first thing you see is this Smart Board. It shows which pupils were acknowledged that month by the staff for each of the 8 smartnesses in the school.

David Patterson, Principal, says,
“Fingerprint Learning’s approach to Smartnesses has been the single most significant initiative in the life of the school for building self-awareness and self-esteem within our pupils and community.”

You can find out more about how to use the 8 Smartnesses for differentiation in teaching and raising self-esteem in your own children in Whole Brain Learning and Teaching.

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