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Dr John Kelly, founder of Fingerprint Learning Ltd, is an Education and Learning Consultant. He was born in Canada and qualified in Medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast in 1974, going on to develop social enterprises involving counselling, medicine, leadership training, youth employment, music and education.

FPL explained

In 1990 his educational work and medical background focused his interest on the role of the brain in how young people learn. His personal experience over 10 years of chronic fatigue syndrome and clinical depression contributed to his appreciation of the importance mental wellbeing. These experiences were formative in founding Fingerprint Learning in 2007 to bring the benefits of the latest brain research to a wide range of applications in education, health and business.

John, with Dr. Brian Cummins of Stranmillis University College, Belfast, co-authored The EntreBRAINeur Study (Phase 1) into the Learning Preferences of Entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland (2010) and the Phase 2 Study (2014) into Entrepreneurial Education in Further Education Colleges. (www.fingerprintlearning.com -The EntreBRAINeur Study). Based on this research, he has developed the Entrepreneurial Learning Inventory which identifies entrepreneurial potential in individuals for successful commercial or social enterprise.

He has also developed the BrainFit Programme and BrainFit Plan for the prevention and delay of dementia, as well as BrainFit Connect for dementia therapy.

The vision of Fingerprint Learning is fuelled by the conviction that

  • The brain is the most amazing creation.
  • Every individual has been created with a unique value.

This is represented in the uniqueness of our fingerprints. From childhood, through our working life, and throughout retirement, successful learning increases our sense of individual worth and improves our quality of life. However, a ‘one size fits all’ approach in education causes many young people and adults to de-value themselves as individuals and discourages them from becoming lifelong learners. The insights of brain-based learning counteract this by recognising each person’s style of learning as an individual ‘fingerprint’. The astonishing individuality of each person’s brain should promote a profound sense of personal value at every stage of life.

John and his wife Jenny live in Bangor, Northern Ireland, where Jenny practises as a Personal Image Consultant. They have four children and, at present, four grandchildren.

The Fingerprint Learning Team includes Denise Robotham, Joe Reid and Richard McChesney.

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