Knowing your unique learning ‘fingerprint’ can transform your future at every stage of life.

Fingerprint Learning is helping to move learning and teaching into the 21st century through applying the discoveries about how the brain learns to three keys areas of life.

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3 areas of development

Helping you to achieve your aspirations and goals in 3 spheres of life

  • Education and Training

    Putting keys for successful learning outstanding teaching and into the hands of Parents, Children, Adult learners, Teachers and trainers, Youth leaders
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  • Healthy Ageing

    Look after your brain to delay or prevent dementia, depression and social isolation as you get older with A BrainFit Consultation, BrainFit Workshops, BrainFit Connect, A BrainFit Plan
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  • Business

    Discover how the entrepreneurial brain is wired for innovative thinking and action and how to build a successful, whole brain management team, match your staff to appropriate tasks based on their learning preferences
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What's in the book?

How you can build self-esteem and confidence in your child as a successful learner.

Teachers & Trainers
Discover keys to being a ‘learning practitioner’ who can reach every learner.

Youth Workers
Find out how to help young people overcome barriers to learning and go on to achieve.

Adult Learners
Advance your personal development by understanding your own learning ‘fingerprint’.

Discover how to prevent mental decline and keep your brain ’fit for life’.

Read about a vision for lifelong learning that reaches all age groups in our community.


Every brain is wired for learning but not every brain is wired in the same way. Each of us has our own ‘learning fingerprint’ and knowing this is a key to successful learning and living.

The Fingerprint Learning approach to Whole Brain Learning and Teaching puts this key into your hand in your home, your school, your work or in business. Explore our website to find out how what we can do for you.

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Great advice and lots of insight from Dr John Kelly

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The Role of Education in Prisons

Posted on: 8th February 2018

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Edmund Rice and Martin Luther

Edmund Rice and Martin Luther

Posted on: 9th November 2017

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EntreBRAINeur Launch

Time: TBA Venue: TBA

Based on a study of Northern Ireland entrepreneurs, this book introduces a model for Entrepreneurial Learning Preferences. Read More >

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